Fraudulent Email Alert

It has been brought to our attention that many people outside Japan have received fraudulent e-mails sent by a person claiming to be a senior executive of Nippon Steel Corporation. These e-mails request the recipient’s services such as debt collection, or offer positions at Nippon Steel or business arrangements with Nippon Steel.

*In 2012, lawyers in different countries received emails which requested their services in collecting delinquent or past due accounts supposedly accrued by local companies often citing “international legal boundaries” that prevented us from collecting the debt directly. When the lawyer agreed to perform the services, the sender would identify a local company that owed a debt to us. Many of these e-mails had been sent from private email services such as "," "" or "," although they might appear upon initial examination to have been sent from our authentic e-mail addresses.

These e-mails are hoax. Recipients of such email inquiries are advised not to respond. Please do not attempt to undertake any business arrangement with persons purporting to act for, or on behalf of, Nippon Steel until you have confirmed the identity of the individual soliciting your services. If you received an email from Nippon Steel soliciting services or offering positions, you can confirm whether this contact is legitimate by contacting us at

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