NSSMC’s proprietary titanium product TranTixxii™ is adopted for cladding of a theater in Jiangsu Province, China

Aug. 04, 2017

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

NSSMC’s proprietary titanium product TranTixxii™ is adopted
for cladding of a theater in Jiangsu Province, China

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC), as a part of promoting a wider use of titanium in roof coverings and exterior cladding of buildings, supplied TranTixxii™, its proprietary-design titanium product, to Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation to be used for ALPOLIC™/fr TCM1 (TCM), a titanium composite panel with fire-retardant (fr) core. TCM was most recently used in constructing the Jiangsu Grand Theater in Jiangsu Province, China. Owned by the Jiangsu Provincial Government, it will formally open tomorrow, August 5. The panels represent the largest single application of this NSSMC product to date, 85 tons for this 73,000m2 building.  

Use of NSSMC’s titanium products in China began in the early 2000’s when architect Paul Andreu specified their use for the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), constructed in Beijing. The Jiangsu Grand Theater is the eighth construction project to use NSSMC’s titanium products in China. The project also represents the largest area covered by NSSMC’s titanium products in the world.

The Jiangsu Grand Theater, composed of four interconnected buildings each with a large theater, has 270,000m2 of floor area and is the largest cultural facility in Jiangsu Province. Prior to use for this symbolic architecture, NSSMC’s TranTixxii™ had been adopted in several projects in China and had been highly evaluated for its design potential owing to its excellent texture and superior resistance to discoloration. These features are a result of NSSMC’s technological development. TCM’s superior features, high flatness, light weight, non-combustibility, and economic efficiency, were also highly evaluated, leading to the adoption of TranTixxii™ for exterior cladding.

When used as a construction material, NSSMC’s titanium products contribute to weight reduction (about 60% of steel and 50% of copper in terms of specific weight) and safety and reliability (efficiency and shorter construction period in high-rise construction work; improved earthquake resistance that reduces load in the building frame structure; improved environmental affinity, etc.) In addition, they help reduce the life-cycle cost of construction materials (by their low maintenance requirements), due to superior design capability and resistance to discoloration. NSSMC will continue to strive for promoting use of titanium products in the construction area in Japan and overseas.

*1 ALPOLIC™/fr TCM, Titanium Composite Material
ALPOLIC™/fr TCM is a composite material using titanium for its surface. It has aesthetic quality and excellent rust resistance, which are advantages of using titanium. The composite panel is lighter in weight than a single-layer titanium panel, and just as strong. TCM is also approved as a non-combustible material for exterior use in Japan and can be used for exterior cladding and roof coverings.
[Source: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation’s website for ALPOLIC™/fr TCM]
ALPOLIC and ALPOLIC/fr are registered trademarks of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.
C/fr TCM

 Finish: Dull finish
 Skin material: Titanium
 Core material: fr (fire-retardant) core material
 Location: Jiangsu Province, China
 Construction method:
 Panels (ALPOLIC/fr TCM, made by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)
 Building area: 73,000m2
 Titanium products used:
 85 tons
 Surface finish:
 Roll dull finish (ND20)
 Construction completed: 2017

Jiangsu Grand Theatre

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