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About Us


Provide more precise and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of our customers and maintain the highest level of product quality.


Be recognized as a leader in the distribution of protection and firefighting elements committed to a continuous growth focused on the quality of service and attention to our customers.

Planet Safety, LLC is a privately held company based in Charlotte, North Carolina created to offer a world of solutions in all areas of comprehensive protection. We understand that when it comes protecting lives and properties you need something more than promises. We conduct our business with an organizational commitment to integrity, excellence, teamwork and accountability. And we deliver our industry-leading solutions in buildings and environments where life-safety protection is absolutely vital. Schools and Universities, Hospitals, Manufacturing and Industrial facilities, Petrochemical, Hotels and Resorts, Commercial properties, Government buildings, Sports venues, etc. Everywhere people and assets merge, you can count on Planet Safety helping to create an environment that is safe and secure.

We pride ourselves on maintaining strong relationships with the best manufacturers in the industry to offer our customers the best quality products at the best possible price and at the same time, shortening the time of delivery.

Our business philosophy is to maintain a well-managed and honest approach to offer our customers a complete range of first class product lines covering all aspects of your project needs.