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Commercially pure titanium and titanium alloys are widely utilized for various two/four-wheeled vehicle's materials such as exhaust system parts and engine parts.

In the field of two- and four-wheeled vehicles, is where improvements in various performances such as lightness, high strength, and high-corrosion-resistance are required. NIPPON STEEL Corporation NIPPON STEEL offers titanium alloy products superior not only in performance but also in machinability and workability at room temperature, which perform their full abilities in exhaust system parts and engine parts. We have also worked on applying these materials to new parts and firstly succeeded in adopting them to fuel tank bodies for mass-production two-wheeled vehicles. We are planning to develop the world's best comprehensive abilities in steel making so as to provide customers with values by proposing them solutions in cooperation with processing vendors with the intention to contribute to the reduction of the weight of vehicle bodies.


Titanium building materials full of various apperarances on their surfaces attract attention of the building industry all over the world.

Titanium is a material which changes its expression depending on the angle to be seen due to light interference. Characteristics of NIPPON STEEL's titanium building materials are that their beautiful tones are hardly subject to deteriolation due to our unique technology. NIPPON STEEL's titanium building materials have been highly regarded in Japan for their austerely elegant expression which harmonize well with Japanese traditional arts, as used in roof tiles on temples or shrines; they have also been adopted increasingly in modern and contemporary buildings by famous architects and major design companies around the world. In addition to their ability to enhance aseismic performance by reducing the weight, NIPPON STEEL's titanium building materials attract attentions as materials contributive to reducing life cycle costs (LCCs) owing to their high anti-corrosiveness.

Civil Engineering and Ocean Development

Titanium to protect structures from severely corrosive environments

Titanium is high-corrosion-resistant to sea water that is almost equivalent to platinum and is able to keep protecting structures for very long period. With titanium having high strength and superior corrosion-resistance, a foil of only 0.1mm-thick (corrosion-resistant titanium foil) is able to isolate structures from causes of corrosion also contributive to reduction of maintenance costs and improvement of LCCs.


Titanium alloys for aircraft that have satisfied strict safety standards and achieved safety and reliability in the field

Titanium alloys for aircrafts require high-level safety and weight reduction. They are not only very strong and light-weighted but also excellent in affinity with CFRPs and have been used in airframes of new models; hence they are expected to increase in demand in the future. NIPPON STEEL has integrated manufacturing processes starting from the melting stage so as to establish a system responsive to customer needs, and has promoted sales therewith to Japanese heavy industry manufacturers as well as to European and the U.S. airframe manufacturers and engine manufacturers.

Sports Gears and Consumer Products

Titanium products offering amusement, beauty and support to people to have prosperous lives.

Sports (golf): Light and strong titanium clubs offer players experiences of outstanding performance in carries of golfing. The application of titanium to other sports has also been increasing. Tumblers: Due to extreamly less elution of metal ion, they do not deteriorate the flavor and taste of beverages. Titanium also provides favorable performance in thermal insulation for hot and cold beverages. Watches, glasses, and accessories: Due to hypo-allergic property for metal ion, products made of titanium can be worn safely.

Welded Tubes

The foundation of the daily lives of people -- titanium welded tubes superior in corrosion-resistance have been playing very important roles in thermal and nuclear power plants and seawater desalination plants.

Titanium has high-corrosion-resistance to seawater, hence superior reliability and -durability. Titanium tubes superior in corrosion resistance to seawater have been playing an important role in seafront power plants where seawater is used in its condenser to cool steam after making rotation of the turbines. Also, titanium tubes are often used in bulk as heat exchanger tubes to move seawater inside as cooling fluid in desalination plants where freshwater is made from seawater, thus contributing to the daily lives of people.


Titanium thin plate for PHE, a trump card for reduction in size, performing greatly behind the scenes.

PHEs (plate heat exchangers) are installed in marine vessels or basement equipment rooms where space for installation is limited.
Commercially pure titanium cold-rolled plate products having an incomparable high-corrosion-resistance and favorable workability which enable these plates to be pressed into complicated shapes and can fulfill the requirements of reliability and durability of this equipment.

Chemical and Electrolytic

Titanium materials that keep on working even in extreamly severe environments to contribue to the daily lives of people.

In caustic soda plants for manufacturing strong alkaline caustic soda from salt water, drums for electrodeposited copper foil to produce copper foil from copper sulfate, and wet refining process for nickel to extract metal nickel in a strongly acidic, high-temperature, high-pressure steam -- even under extreamly severe corrosive environments common in these cases -- titanium materials enable improvement in reliability and durability of equipments and devices with incomparable high-corrosion-resistance.

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ISO 9001
JIS Q 9001
Design, development and production management of titanium and titanium alloys(sheet,plate,welded tube) More Information
JIS Q 9100 - Production of titanium and titanium alloy for
 aerospace component (sheet, strip, extrusion)
- Design, development and production of titanium
 and titanium alloy (strip, sheet, plate)
- Design, development and production of stainless steel
 (strip, sheet, shape steel)
- Design, development and production of heat-
 resisting steel (strip, sheet)
- Design, development and production of nickel , nickel
 alloy and clad (strip, sheet)
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