Material transcending ages
Designing titanium from NIPPON STEEL

Combined the technologies of Nippon Steel and its partners,TranTixxii got unique designability.
reddot winner 2022 GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021


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About TranTixxii


About TranTixxii

  • The world is more beautiful.

    Proud landmark of the city
    Enhance the value of the city's brand by making the proud city attractive.

    I want to add excitement to the city with real materials.
    TranTixxii thinks.

  • The world can be healthier.

    "Titanium" boasts corrosion resistance comparable to precious metals.

    The eco-friendly, state-of-the-art material is "Titanium" of which ion separation is the least among metals

    "People can be healthier" ―TranTixxii believes this is the new pivotal factor when you select material.

  • The world is more beautiful.

    Light and strong “titanium”

    Why not create a safe and secure place with the best performance among practical metals?

    I want to respond with the best technology because I am a Japanese who has always faced and overcome nature.
    TranTixxii thinks.


The designing titanium, TranTixxii can control the reflection and color by means of its unique surface treatment.
A lot of variations in the combination of “surface finishes” and “colors” are shown here.


Introducing collaboration development using titanium material with companies all over the world.


TranTixxii has been used in a number of domestic and international cases such as architectures.

Users’ voice

We present our collaboration records with companies in Japan and abroad to enrich TranTixxii.
  • user voice20
    “I believe that creating something new is one way to hand down the exceptional techniques we have inherited from our predecessors.”
    Master Miyadaiku
    Yasuhisa Mimura
  • user voice19
    “Sports bike”
    Technologies for ridability
    Suzuki Motor Corporation
    Chief Engineer of the Two-Wheeler Sales and Product Department
    Fumihiro Onishi
  • user voice18
    “Elegance and beauty expected of cameras”
    Fujifilm Corporation
    Imaging Solutions Business Department General Manager
    Takashi Ueno
  • user voice17
    “Enjoy in style”
    A state-of-the-art material that styles up outdoor leisure activities
    Snow Peak, Inc.
    Executive Officer and General Manager of the Future Development
    Makio Yoshino
  • user voice16
    Titanium is a material of the 21st century that embraces the passage of time.
    Tsuyoshi Tane
  • user voice15
    "Preserve and pass down traditions to the future generations"
    New type of value creation enabled by TranTixxii
    Daihonzan Zojoji Temple Chief Majordomo
    Tatsuyu Tomoda
  • user voice14
    “Challenging to create something from nothing as we develop the norms of tomorrow's world.”
    Tetsuya Kawai
  • user voice13
    "Thinking together with people in the community and having the form carry dreams for the future."
    ICHIBANSEN / nextstations Co., Ltd.
    Yasuyuki Kawanishi
  • user voice12
    "Refining perception to create legacies"
    NOMURA Co., Ltd. A.N.D.
    Ryu KOSAKA
  • user voice11
    "Growing by Leaps in Step with the Pride of the Local People"
    Star Flyer Inc.
    Sadami Matsuishi
  • user voice10
    "Transcending preconceptions to create new culture"
    Warehouse TERRADA President & CEO
    Kohei Terada
  • user voice09
    "Respect towards the forces of nature that transcend our knowledge/Titanium as a medium for expression"
    Takaya Mori
  • user voice08
    Pushing the limits of design using metal by incorporating titanium
    Mr. Makoto Kadotani/Mr. Yutaka Kadotani
  • user voice07
    The start of the Reiwa era brought us an opportunity to establish a relationship with the region's leading product
    Mayor of Dazaifu City
    Mr. Daizoo Kusuda
  • user voice06
    Titanium tiles are optimal for religious buildings that are cherished for generations
    CANAME Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Masahiro Yoshihara
  • user voice05
    We want everyone to pay meticulous attention to nameplates, because they serve as the face of each person's home
    Fukucyo Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Hitonari Takemoto
  • user voice04
    The beauty of distinctive gradations make people feel “nature”
    Kwansei Gakuin University
    Ms. Noriko Nagata
  • user voice03
    Potential of titanium louver
    Titanium’s easy-to-handle advantage overwhelms its disadvantage in price.
    Mr. Knowledge, Mr. Shimizu, Mr. Ueda,
    Mr. Miyazawa, Mr. Nakazaki
  • user voice02
    An item to connect man with nature
    A new proposal for restoration of humanness
    Snow Peak Co., Ltd.
    Representative Director & President
    Mr. Tohru Yamai
  • user voice01
    A new encounter with architecture based on the material and the site is to start.
    Mr. Kengo KUMA

Media coverage

Introducing articles in which TranTixxii was published in various media.


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