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Pre-coated steel sheet "VIEWKOTE™" of NIPPON STEEL provides products meeting your needs with a combination of various paints or base steel sheets uniquely developed by NIPPON STEEL through the epoch-making coating system.

High heat absorption type

To prevent increase in temperature due to heat from inside the product, we have developed a high-heat-absorption-type steel, VIEWKOTE, which can release heat outside by applying a heat absorption film to the steel sheet used for the inner casing. It has been used for audio products, flat-panel TVs, TV tuners, etc.


Scratches on the home appliance surface can be made almost inconspicuous by developing an orange peel pattern. Non-random irregularities are accurately controlled. Development of beautiful, fine, and uniform irregularities will meet advanced appearance requirements of home appliances. It is used for the side panels of outdoor air conditioner units or refrigerators.

Antistatic type

Easy discharge of charged static electricity results in non-attraction of dust. In addition, antistatic type VIEWKOTE™, which is effective in prevention of charge due to friction, has been developed. In comparison with conventional coated steel sheet, it is successful in reducing charge voltage to 1/4. It has been used for the side panels of refrigerators.

Anti-pollution type

We have developed an inclined-type coat in which only the coat surface is hardened and the inside is kept soft. In addition, self-cleaning, in which stains are washed off with rainwater, is achieved by designing a coat surface easily adapted to water and allowing entry of water between pollutants and the coat film. It is used for outdoor air conditioner units and heat pump boilers installed outdoors.


Further improvement of corrosion resistance

Since a dense protection film is formed on the surface, corrosion reaction can be controlled. Corrosion resistance is better than conventional hot-dip galvanized steel. It contributes to long life or life cycle cost of home appliance products.

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Chromate-free eco-products

The shielding function, by which oxygen or water being the cause of corrosion does not penetrate, the self-repair function, which recovers the coat film if the surface is damaged, and the coat adhesion function share the substance non-hexavalent chromium, not a single substance. The same characteristics as chromate film that contains hexavalent chromium are achieved.

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Non-oriented electrical steel sheet

High function material using magnetic characteristics of iron

The world's highest-level high-performance non-oriented electrical steel sheet with high magnetic flux density and low iron loss has been developed to contribute to improvement of the energy-saving performance of home appliances.

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Low-carbon lead-free free-cutting steel

Lead-free eco-products™

Excellent cutting equivalent to lead-added steel achieves an improved smooth machining surface as well as productivity.

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Clad steel sheet

Key technology of induction heating

NIPPON STEEL produced a two-layer clad steel sheet joining aluminum to the uniquely developed high-function stainless steel from 1988. Outside stainless steel excellent in heating is efficiently heated by an IH magnetic field line, and the aluminum with high heat conductivity inside quickly distributes the heat over the entire furnace.

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Clear coat stainless steel sheet

Easily removable fingerprints

While using stainless steel characteristics with a beautiful metal gloss and excellent corrosion resistance, clear coating is provided on the surface. Fingerprints on the surface are not conspicuous and function improvement for easy removal (fingerprint resistance) is achieved.

NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation
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NSSC FW™ series

Achievement of resource saving by world-first addition of tin

In the NSSC FW™ series, corrosion resistance is improved while reducing addition of chromium (Cr) based on the epoch-making new technology that greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the ferrite (chromium based) stainless steel by adding a trace of tin (Sn), and workability is also achieved.

NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation
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